The Secret Six

The Secret Six

- Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Transcendental "Clergyman"

- Theodore Parker, Unitarian "Clergyman"

- Samuel Gridley Howe, a physician

- George L. Stearns, Pennsylvanian Capitalist

- Gerrit Smith, New York Capitalist

- Franklin B. Sanborn, a school teacher

THERE THEY ARE, the forerunners of Anarchist "Propaganda by the Deed", Muslim fanatics intent on demonstrating to the rest of their world the righteousness of their cause, and anti-abortion clinic bombers. These are, in the modern world, the fathers of the set of ideas which runs something like "once you decide you are right, if you cannot convince enough others to agree with you, start killing them until those left alive do". Higginson is of the first examples of "Liberation Theology", but, unlike the others of this bunch, at least he fought, and in a Black Regiment...a man who may not have understood the ethics of what he was doing, but at least he put his own life on the line. Howe was a physician who worked with the blind and the deaf. I wonder how many children have lived the remainder of their lives blind and deaf due to the actions of patriots and believers who have followed Howe's example?

This, of course, is not the way these people, or their admirers would describe them, rather it is a practical description of their actions. They are, in the simplest terms, the simplest of people, they are evil terrorists and they ought to be reviled for the evil they propagated, but, instead, they are ignored in school, and, when they are mentioned are mentioned in generally admirable terms. Nothing points to the disintegration of American ethical values in this modern age more than the historical treatment given these "ministers of the gospel", capitalists, and professionals. When you hear of them, remember Timothy McVeigh learned from them that it is all right to kill innocent people to further your cause, if you, individually, believe it is right, and, if he learned it from these paragons of virtue, can he be wrong?

Play that on your fascist banjo, gang.

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