Should Clinton Resign?

Why in the world would he want to? To date (December 23, 1998) "his" troubles have caused the resignation of arguably the most popular and powerful Republican Speaker of the House since Longworth, or Reed, and the further resignation and personal humiliation of Newt's successor designate, scion of one of the oldest politically active families in American history. As lagniappe, the first resignation was caused by a floundering political party which managed to become the first party in American History opposing a six year president to actually lose seats in the House of Representatives. Forget impeachment, that has happened before, and, interestingly, due to the political atmosphere caused by a previous group of Radical Republican politicians who were determined not to overthrow the choice of the people as in this case, but, in theirs, to overthrow the choice of their professed hero, Lincoln. These fellows' congressional loss is completely unique, nothing like it has ever happened before.

Matt Drudge, Rush Limbaugh, Wolf Blitzer and the similar middle class, middle aged white males who have, shall we say, had difficulty maintaining their vigor with advancing age, and therefore formed a lynch mob to attack those who were not experiencing the same sort of difficulties, miscalculated. The cynical Republicans who were exploiting these poor, gullible, vulnerable souls were not really like them, evidently and unfortunately, and so the rest of us (70%+ according to the latest polls) are tittilated by the list of sins committed by these pillars of family values. The only mystery left is, given the looks of these people and their demeanor, how in the world were they able to attract other humans? Money? Power?

So now we have Clinton, who, it would seem, while hiding his smirk, is skillfully manipulating these poor misguided Republicans into a Senate trial, where he can play while his approval rating reaches ever dizzying heights and Larry Flynt "outs" the Republican adulterer of the week every Friday.

Let's see now, if my math is correct, he is going to "out" a dozen more and the Republican majority is 10. Who thinks the Republicans may lose their majority in the House before the next scheduled election? Is there any interest in a pool?

Thank God this show is free, for, if they were selling tickets only Rupert Murdoch could afford them, and he wouldn't buy since his media factory is betting so strongly on the other side.

As an aside, what sort of gullible frump do you suppose is married to Henry Hyde, who allows her humiliation to be paraded before America every day while Henry desperately tries to convince somebody besides her that he is not a low-life lying scoundrel? And how much do you suppose Henry stole from his children in order to support his mistress for all those years? And did Dan Burton really shop for prostitutes while he was on the floor of the Indiana legislature? And what's up with Helen Chenoweth? Has the mystery of how she rose to such heights in the Republican Party been solved?

The world wonders, the Republicans reel, buffeted by forces they can never understand, and Bill laughs along with the rest of America at those wild and crazy party animals who make up the Party of Limbaugh and Murdoch and Newt and Thornton and Starr, of Falwell (good Christians all, right?) and Reed.

Have a nice day.

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